Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ideas and Learning : )

During this whole process of making and using the blogs i found it too be very successful in helping me learn about the book Fahrenheit 451. I liked giving people comments and telling them my personal ideas about the book. I also enjoyed reading what people thought about my postings on my own blog even better. I found out that me and my classmates have some similar and also different perspectives/thoughts about the book. During class I would often read other peoples' postings. With that I learned different aspects and point of views on how my fellow classmates thought about the book. Reading the posts helped me expand my thoughts on the book. So i can say that the blogging process was a very successful and also fun way to write about the book. I liked that everyone had their own blog to take care of and that we all could read each others. In my opinion the blogs were very beneficial.

Parallels between worlds...

In this day and age we do have some modern day threats pressed upon our individual freedom. Some threats that we have are included in the recent Patriot Act, passed by our President George W. Bush. This law says that the government had the ability to tap our phone lines, look at past emails and files, search houses without a warrant, and other acts like that. In my opinion that is really taking things too far. Now the government doesn't even need to have a lot of evidence to do these tasks, they just can. If you do not let these people search your house then you are disobeying the law. In the book the government had a sense of what people were doing based on their televisions. On televisions you can see exactly what the other people were doing, as if they were right next to you. I think that the TVs were a very big threat on individual freedom. Another threat was that, like the patriot act, the government could search your house with no concern about you. The fireman would rush in and just dump kerosene everywhere and burn the house down, if they got a call about books being there. These are the threats based on our world and the book's world.

Goverment taking over....

In this book, the government has big control over the people in the society. In this certain society books were not allowed to be in circulation. It was illegal to own a book. The government had the ability to burn your house down if there were books suspected to be in it. Some people felt that it was even necessary to stay in house while it was burning down. In this book the author is saying that the government can make you believe what they want you to believe. Nowadays books are very important to out everyday living. If someone were to say that all books were full of lies, no one would believe them. If the government made it a law then we would be forced to believe that books were all lies. This is also saying that certain bad things can happen when power is put into the wrong hands. In this society books were eliminated so no one could have a clue about the past. For some reason the government wanted it like that, and that's what happened. Hopefully in our future nothing like that ever happens.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Thinking Deeper

So far in the book i have came across a lot of interesting parts. Motag is beggining to remind me of Clarisse more and more. He starts to actually think like her in a way. Montag is very curious and he even asks Beatty if firemen used to put out fires rather than start them. this happened to be the same exact question as what Clarisse said. Even thought the firemen show him that Ben Frank was the 1st fireman and that they have been only starting the fires, he still doesnt truelly belive it. It was found out that Montag has begun to collect books over the months. When his wife finds the books, she is kind of scared and burns some behind his back. Montag needs to be carefull with these books in order for his house not to get burned down.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Similar Thoughts

For this post I read Morgan's Blog. I agreed and also had some of the same thoughts as her. Clarisse does definitely seem like someone from the future, and i think that she must of had read books in the past. Montag is really interested in her because of what she says and how she thinks. I liked when she said it was as if they didn't have a brain. Knowing what we know today about books really makes it seem that way. When Clarisse asked if he knew about firemen putting out fire before they started to only make fire, Montag was really confused. From reading on i know now know that hat Clarisse said to him really affected him. Montag asked his fellow fireman and they just laughed at him. I also know that he started to keep alot of books as well. Hopefully he doesn't get into a lot of trouble because he has these books.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Fighting Fire with Fire

In one of the questions in the packet it asked how Montag felt about his own job. It seems to me that he takes his job as a fireman real seriously. He also believes that it is one of the most important jobs to do. Montag knows what he's doing, but he doesn't really know what he is actually burning because books are illegal to read. He has been a fireman for about 10 years and never read a single book. What Montag really doesn't know is that books have knowledge in them and he thinks so little of them. For some reason this society does not allow book to be in circulation. And in this society fireman are sort of looked up too and Montag feels that this job is important.

One girl that comes in to play is Clarisse. She asks Montag a lot of questions about his job and that makes him sort of irritated. She asked him if fireman used to actually put out fires instead of create them. Montag just laughs at this and shakes his head. She also goes in to whether or not he had ever read the books he burned. He laughs even more at this saying "That's against the law." He thinks Clarisse is very odd for these types of questions but he is also kind of interested in what she has to say. In the future I think Montag will start to think more like her.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Blogging Responsibly!!

Some dangers that were talked about included writing something on your blog that was really immature or hateful and having an employer see that and not hire you because of what you wrote. Another danger included using info or websites that you never looked at or websites that can be "creepy" to some people. when you link something you should make sure you know what it is. Another caution is do not give your telephone number or email address or screen name on your blog. the blog is open for everyone to see and you do not want a 50 year old man tracking you down or something like that. Also do not write anything vulgar or something threatening to someone. keep that to yourself instead of posting it for everyone to see. Allot of these ideas are good to know. i would never want to put my address or number on a blog like this. You don't know who is looking at your blog at all. some other concerns include putting your full name or your friend's name on your blog. Students should just realize that they need to keep it simple and to be smart with what information they are putting up. Some simple rules should be:

1.)never put your full name on your blog
2.)do not put any telephone numbers or street addresses
3.)never write any threatening or hateful things on your blog